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Unhappy I've decided the SS is not for me - now what?

Sooooooo, after putting a couple hundred miles on my gorgeous 2019 Titanium Silver SS, I have come to the conclusion that this is probably not the right bike for me. Don't get me wrong! As far as street bikes go, this bike has been almost everything I could want in a street bike. The problem lies with me. I stopped riding on the street about 7 years ago due to safety concerns (I live in NJ). Since then, I have been riding two wheels frequently in the dirt and on the trails. This past Christmas, I decided that I was ready to return to the street. After seeing the SS and reading all the positive reviews about it, I decided that the SS would be the next bike for me.

While I am becoming increasingly more comfortable riding the SS, I am just not that comfortable riding on the street. I am fine with going to the coffee shop or running simple errands, but the SS is too much bike for such menial tasks. Plus, I am so busy with family and work that going out for a longer spin on the SS always seems to be a hurried affair. In the meantime, I sold my Yamaha TTR-230 trail bike and then picked up a used Yamaha XT 250 dual purpose bike this past weekend. I took the XT out for a street spin on Sunday morning after it rained and was instantly at home on this bike. The XT is dorky looking and tops out at 65 mph, but weighs less than 300 lbs. dripping wet and I had a blast on it.

My dilemma is finding a dual sport replacement for the SS that has more oomph and street capability than the XT. The Desert Sled looks really appealing, but weighs almost as much as the SS, and do I really want to take a bike like that through the woods? Most capable dual sports have really high seats, and I need something with a seat height that is 34 inches or less. The Suzuki DR650 with its ancient technology seems to be the best match. I'm just wondering if I might be overlooking a suitable candidate. Thanks much for any suggestions.
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Ktm 690 smc r!
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Well my two cents, I feel like the SS is the safest motorcycle I've ever ridden. The handling, balance and braking are top notch, all the nanny control are seamless and perhaps contribute to the safe feeling. The power is adequate but not overwhelming. It's quite light to maneuver and push around. The tires offer tremendous grip.

I would say that if you don't feel safe on this bike on the street, you likely won't find anything that feels much better.

If you're up for it, you might give it a few thousand miles and see if you get your "sea legs" and perhaps "get it". I might also suggest that you take the bike to an MSF course. As much as offroading is great way to ride a bike, I think there some differences such as reliance on the front brake for street riding whereas perhaps not so much in the dirt?

Take the bike to an MSF and see for yourself.

Regarding the DR650, it's a great dual sport bike. I couldn't say for moment that it's nearly as safe as the SS. It's a bike that you can ride on the street to get to the next trail, perhaps ride to the coffee shop, going 60 mph is really pushing it vs 90 mph on an SS. The DR is twitchy and has narrow knobby tires, it's actually a ball to ride, but I would not think it's nearly as safe as your Duc.
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John L

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Well, Bill, I'll hate to see you go so soon, but you have to do what's best for you. I wish I could give you some feedback on a bike you're looking for, but I'm out of touch with that style. Good luck on whatever decision you make.


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Thanks All. I am in the process of signing up for an MSF course. It's not the street riding itself that makes me nervous, but rather the distracted and aggressive drivers as well as the increasing number of dead deer that I see on the side of the road. The season is still early, and I have a place in the Pocono's where I can bring the SS to see if cruising around in the mountains is the answer. Anyway, I don't expect anyone to point out anything I haven't already considered, although Alf67 did bring my attention to something I haven't thought of...
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If you want go properly off road might also be worth looking at the DRZ400 though I think in the US you only get the S model which is more road oriented? The E model doesn't really like highway speeds with standard gearing - I would have expected the S to be better but then I'd also expect the 650 to be ok at 60mph which apparently (@LowRyter) it isn't. But the 400 is probably better than the 650 if your off road tends more to singletrack.

Rereading your post seat height might be an issue though

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If youíre more comfortable on a dirtbike style bike, yeah, start looking at the KTM Supermotos or if you want to stay Ducati, maybe a Hyperstrada. Another cool dirt/street bike is the more street Honda Africa Twin (on my short list for a third bike) or more dirt CRF450F dual sport. Both will go down a dirt road easily, the 450 will just go farther. Iím waiting for another year or so to go by and see what the leftover situation is and may pickup one or the other.

Thing is stuff that makes a ďproperĒ dirtbike great make it a poor street bike so you have to decide truthfully what side of the line you want the bike to be better on: street or dirt. A DRZ400S is a bulletproof motorcycle but without playing around with the air box and carb is a bit if a turd, my dad just sold his and my WR450F would eat it for lunch, spit it out and eat the remains again without even thinking about it. Though his was fine on the street, mine shakes like **** and is uncomfortable for more than a short hop.

Take your SS for a ride in the mountains, itís what the bike was built for.


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One of the things you may be wanting on the SS is 'presence' and high visibility for other drivers. If that is something you desire and you also want a Ducati with the same engine, then the Multistrada 950 is a nice option. Its very upright and dirt bike like, being easy to turn your head and look over your shoulders. It is also higher, and you are able to stand on the pegs when riding which makes you more visible. The frontal area is larger and offers more wind protection too. I offer you this advice after almost getting an SSS (it was sold before I got it). It felt narrower to me and the Multistrada 950 just felt more at home and substantial with my dirt bike background. MSF and/or Advanced rider course is Always an added benefit!
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For being visible on the road, bright clothing and/or a fluorescent jacket will help regardless of what bike you are riding.
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The CRF450F would be the bike for me if it had about 5 inches less seat height. I know why they have them sprung so high, but it's not for me, which is why I got the XT250. I just don't think the dual purpose bike I want is sold in today's market. If I traded the SS in for another dedicated street bike, that bike would have to be at least 100 lbs lighter than the SS. I'm sure it wouldn't be as easy on the eyes as the SS is. All first world problems and I am **** lucky to have them. In the meantime, I will ride the Italian supermodel into the mountains in the very near future and see if she seduces me there. Cheers.
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