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Lightbulb Handful of SuperSport noob questions

Hey all. I'm getting ready to trade my Monster 696 up for a SuperSport. I took a base model SS for a test ride and I'm pretty much sold. But I have a handful of miscellaneous questions:

1. Working on my 696 is brutal. It requires me to take off the gas tank just to change the battery, among other things. Is routine DIY stuff (oil/filter, battery, chain, brakes) on the SS any better? Where is the battery?

2. If I make it to a track twice per year, I'll be impressed. So is there any reason to pony up for the S version? I like the quickshifter but could add that to the base model and still save like $1500 for other stuff.

3. Speaking of other stuff, is the SW-Motech Blaze still the go-to solution for bags? I want to be able to drop bags on it for road trips but keep them off most of the time, without hideous bag frame things.

4. Can you de-cat it without having to replace the stock cans? Or do you need to commit to the Termi or CW kits with a new can?

5. Can you remove the fairing without removing the headlight, basically making it a full naked with clip-ons?

6. Is there a go-to kit for eliminating the fender? On the 696, there were a bunch of kits, each with a drawback or two.

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Most things are pretty involved when working on the SS. To properly set the chain you need a special tool and a large size torx. To get to the battery you need to remove the left side fairing. No need to touch the tank though. Front brakes are easy to get to, or at least not harder than on any other bike I’ve worked on.

I have the S myself and I don’t ride that much on track (a few times a year), but I still feel it’s worth every penny. Never had suspension that works this smooth on the road. I’m sure the Marzocchi is great too, but I haven’t test ridden it. The price difference isn’t that big though so I’d go for the S if possible, the ÷hlins are worth it in my opinion.

Can’t speak for the bag options, as I like none of the available options. I built my own rack to fit SHAD side cases, comes off in five minutes.

It’s not possible to decat the stock exhaust, whole thing has to go.

It’s possible to remove side fairings with the headlight and top fairing still in place, but you can’t really ride it like that, the radiator shroud comes partly undone if you without being attached to the fairing.

-edit- your choice of profile name is, shall we say, rather unusual...
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by Dino de Laurentiis View Post

-edit- your choice of profile name is, shall we say, rather unusual...
Does it say what I think it does?. 😂😈😂

And Dino, kudos for you for the lengthy write to help the noobie out instead of what some members have done in the past by telling noobs to look it up.
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Originally Posted by Cksnffr View Post
Dang I have a dirrrrty mind.
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I think Dino covered it. But being an owner that didn't want Ohlins, I am quite happy with the standard suspension. Not to start a fight but I really didn't want the expense to keep up the Ohlins. Typically they are fickle to set up, require more maintenance, and the parts are very expensive. On the plus side, my tech is Ohlins certified.

VS the Marzocchi / Sachs, the Ohlins are larger diameter forks and have dampening adjustment not on the Sachs.

So there are two opinions on the subject.
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For bags I'm using Kreiga, 10L + 10L + 30L. Very versatile setup.

I went for the S, with the Ohlins. To me, the premium (and DQS and pillion seat cover) was a no brainer.

They are no more difficult to set up than the Marzocchi/ Sachs. Preload is preload, setting the sag is important, no matter what brand. Damping is damping, setting rebound damping is no harder or easier, it's just a case of adjusting the suspension so it recovers at the correct rate, but doesn't overrun and start back down the stroke.

Ohlins recommend servicing at about 10,000 miles. Most suspension tuners have the same recommendation irrespective of brand. No matter what suspension you have the oil will be the same age at any given point, and break down at much the same rate. I don't buy into expensive parts, sure they use a little more oil, but how expensive is that? Seals cost much the same. The real issue in suspension servicing is labour. And there's not much difference in stripping, cleaning, and reassembling any suspension components. You could save money by removing the forks and shock yourself, dropping them off, picking them up, and refitting.

One thing to note is if you are over 100kgs or so you will need to consider replacing the front springs. The supersport seems to be designed for 60-80kg Italian test riders. You will know if you can't get the correct sag without maxing oiut front preload, or if you are bottoming your front suspension under heavy braking (you can check with a zip tie). I had my front springs uprated and front and rear serviced, including the suspension shop removing the forks and shock, for around $AUD800. What's that? I'm guessing about $US600. Well worth it.

I also had the suspension set up by Dave Moss. He recommended the heavier front springs, and then emailed me some settings to try after the suspension service/ upgrade. As expected, it is extremely well sorted and a buzz to ride. Before the upgrade I scraped the cat and was chamferring my boots, but now nothing touches under spirited riding.

I'm happy with my MotoDynamic fender eliminator, but I haven't heard anyone dissatisfied with any of the others. Note if you go down this path you will get a dirty back as soon as there is moisture about.
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Everyone has covered things pretty well so I’ll be the a$$ and say you should search around a bit because not only have these questions been answered, there’s a ton more great info to be had. This is a great forum with loads of info to be had on this bike.

My take:

- The extra the S costs is well worth it, not only in the overall ride (I echo the statement, this is incredible suspension out of the box, one of the best) but also if resale value may be in your future, it’s a better sell later on.

- The SW Motech Blaze bags are great and don’t leave much behind when removed but they really are somewhat limited with volume unless you’re one person going for a short trip. I had a set and used them a few times, sold them after I sold my last bike. I bought the SW Motech Urban ABS system which are similar size and construction to the OEM bags, which are very nice bags but the major drawback is that they hinder access to the passenger pegs so they will work great for a single rider but won’t work with a passenger. I watched sales and got them for about $450 compete. Otherwise watch eBay and other marketplace sites and watch for a set of OEM bags, they are becoming available and allow a passenger.

- if you want full naked, but the upsize Monster. Why waste your money on bodywork only to remove it?

- I’m not a fan of fender eliminators, the allow too much crap to fling up on you and the bike in bad weather. But there’s a bunch out there including Ducati Performance. Choose your flavor, they all seem good.

We also like pics, hint, hint, hint.

And welcome!!!!


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As the guys have said, thereís lots of opinions about SS vs SSS, as well as OEM luggage vs alternative rack luggage vs no rack carry bags like Kreiga. Itís a personal decision that varies with riding style and purposes.

My choice was the SSS, primarily for the Ohlins, rather the the QS. But again thatís my preference and may not be othersí.

Similarly, Iím very happy with OEM luggage. Although I do have a Kreiga backpack, and that I use frequently for lighter duty carrying.

Whatever you choose, you wonít go wrong! Itís a wonderful bike!

Letís us know what you decide!
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I think that it is chick sniffer, not cake sniffer....
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