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Just bought a Supersport Titanium

Hello all!
Pumped to pick up a 2019 Titanium this past weekend. It's my third bike, first Ducati, and I'm absolutely loving the immediate power response on mountain twisties. What a fantastic engineering marvel... I sometimes just stare at the lines on it.

I searched the forums for tips on tidying the tail. Not pumped to throw another $150 to tidy up the back. I found one post on the tail tidy thread about a guy cutting the OEM tail back, and mounting the plate there. Anyone else done this with any success?

Also looking for luggage solutions. Hoping to do some motocamping soon. I plan on throwing a duffel bag on my back, or preferably throw the heavier things in the luggage and leave clothes etc in the duffel bag. I'll check the luggage section for this, but if anyone has any ideas, let me know.

Does anyone have any ideas on what you'd want to design in CAD for this bike? I could help with that, if you give me a napkin sketch. I'm also considering Faro Scanning my bike so I can have a 1:1 full scale CAD model to base my future designs on.

I'd like to design some bracket to carry a MSR spare fuel bottle to get me to a gas station once I run out (already nearly did that day 2!)

Could consider designing and 3D printing a tail tidy too... Sand and paint it, make it sexy. Thoughts?
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Welcome aboard and congrats on the new purchase. Haven't seen the titanium version in the wild (just at the dealership) but it does look nice. Regarding your questions about tail tidy, luggage solutions...you are on the right track by checking out the forum postings.

Like your ideas about CAD. Fellow member @revoconner is doing something similar, maybe reach out to him and you two can coordinate in making additional parts for the Supersport. In the meantime, enjoy the ride and watch out for that low gas indicator
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Welcome mate nice to see that new owner enthusiasm.
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@Cooper Welcome!

Great have another Ti owner become a Member!

Any pics to share of the beauty?

What part of the World are you from?
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Welcome - I have also yet to see a titanium one in the wild, but I think it really suits the bike.

On the tail tidy front I think that cutting down the plastic snout is a bit of a non starter. Irritating though it is I would go for an aftermarket item. I went for the Evotech which is fantastic quality and came with excellent instructions. Took me about 1/2 hour to fit.

On the luggage front you are at least blessed that the Supersport comes with fold out fastener loops under the seat. I have a Kriega US20 which fixes to them and does the job really well. I imagine that most reputable brands of tailpack will be similarly good.

Happy to share before and after shots of the tail tidy if you would find that helpful.
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Welcome to the forum and a great bike. Love the Titanium color. That would have made my decision to go with the S model a lot harder.

You don't say who's cut down 'ant eater' snout you saw. But I'm one who did. I looked st all the aftermarket versions and didn't love any of them. Figured I was going to go short anyway, so might as well have a go at cutting down the original. It took a few hours, but I think the look is nicer than any of the aftermarket versions - personal opinion.

I went with SW Moteck Urban panniers. Very glad I did. A deer took out the right side first time out with them fitted. Very happy to be able to replace just the one bag and not be looking at $1200 to replace the set.

As for CAD. Every time I look at the panniers I wonder why they're not fitted lower and closer in. Eyeballing it, I recon we could get them at least 4" narrower. Especially those of us committed to not taking a pillion.

Lastly, do you remember how much gas it took to fill up after you ran dry. I ran to 3 mls past the range indicator showing zero, and it took 3.7 US gallon. 1/2 gallon left, but wonder how much of that we can actually use.

BTW you mention mountains - where are you riding.
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You might see if you can get a deal with the factory bags. You might surprised the deal you can get when buy it new. The factory bags would look great in red as well as titanium on that bike considering the red wheels.
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Here’s the top of pikes peak. I’m out in CO
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What did you use to cut the fender? Is it plastic or metal inside?
I only put $10 into it when it was empty, old gas station and didn’t have a card reader at the pump. Once I get a MSR fuel bottle in my bag, I’ll run it dry and see how far I get past ‘empty’.
I see you’re in Salida, I was camping down there a month ago during paddle fest . Very cool town
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Sure, post some pics of your tail tidy if you like!
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