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500 Miles in on my '18 S

Hi all - got a sweet deal on a left over 2018 SuperSport S (in the indisputably faster white), and I'm finally back in the Ducati family!

I learned to ride on a 2002 Monster 900Sie - which was a fantastic bike, but for some reason I sold it and got into RallyMoto (KTM Sixdays 530XCW). Eventually picked up a Bonneville that I've been heavily modding for a while. Love the Bonnie, it's nice to have smooth power off idle - and that parallel twin just sounds mean. It's great around town, but it's too easy to hit its limits. I started looking at the baby Panigale, but then SuperSport seemed like a much better fit for my riding. Tested one, it fit perfectly - and showed me what I was missing. Saw how cheap the '18s were - and the rest is history.

500 miles in and loving the bike. It's typical Ducati. Sounds magnificent, handles great and looks gorgeous. It's also miserable under 3k - have to stay under 25 for the first mile in my neighborhood. The clutch is grabby, low speed fueling is snatchy, and the gearbox is tight. The mirrors suck, but I've learned to just pull the clutch and ease off the throttle to get a clear view. The cable clutch seems kind of cheap - and neutral is a challenge to find but I can usually get it rolling to a stop and occasionally from a stop. No worse than my KTM so I'm kind of used to it. All that, as soon as I open it up and don't care about any of it.

So far, I've only really done a few mods. Removed the rear pegs, installed a Motodynamic Tidy and Silverstar zXe bulbs. The tidy made a huge difference, and the bulbs are surprisingly close to the LED (you'll never get all the yellow out of halogens).

Next up is fitting the Termi pipe!
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The clutch can to be grabby when cold but after 5-7k miles neutral shouldn't be so notchy and the bike will rev quicker. Mirrors suck but I find them passable.

Many like a 14T front sprocket ($20) to get a little more acceleration, some say better than than a pipe mod and flash. You might search the forum.

It's a pretty bike despite being white.
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John L

Ducs quack at midnight and 9am

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Great bike! Love the the indisputably faster white

Consider getting engine protectors. I got this one: https://www.rg-racing.com/browsebike...t/2017/CP0427/
You can get it in white (very close match to the beautiful silk white) and I opted for the one where you have to drill through the fairing. My local Ducati specialist has done a great job at it! I was a bit worried he would mock it up, but in the end he's done a great job. Personally, I think the non-drill option sits too high and sticks out too much.

Enjoy your bike!

Ducati SSS 2017 - Loving it!
Harley Davidson Forty Eight 1200 2018 - Loved the looks, hated everything else. Traded in for the SSS
Ducati Monster S4R 2005 - My love and pride. Unfortunately sold for HD
Suzuki Bandit 650 2007 - Great "starter" bike sold
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Nice bike!


1976 BMW R”1000” Cafe
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2018 Ducati SSS (red!)
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Well, I suppose since matt-are is from North Carolina, has a Jeep, rides KTMs and is man enough to include a green yard gnome in his introductory post that he has enough redeeming qualities we can let him slide for selecting the bike the Ducati factory forgot to paint.

Welcome, Matt.

Your SS needs some sun but the gnome is lookin’ pretty hip.
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So, lemme get this straight.

I twist this little tube, it gets loud, I go forward really fast and it makes me smile...is that how it all works?
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Welcome, just wait until its been worn in. Neutral will be easy and you’ll love the spirited engine. If only you had gone red

2017 Supersport S - Ducati red
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The good motors go in the red ones, the rejects in the white. ;-) Welcome to the forum.

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Capone, would you risk the wrath of that thing? White silk, approved by gnomes.

Endless debate aside - love the bike, and can’t wait to run it in!
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