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Cool Hello from San Jose, CA!

Excited to be a part of the community! Recently purchased a 2019 SuperSport S and am madly in love with the bike. Coming from an Aprilia Shiver 900 previously. This site was crucial during my decision making process and I foresee it continuing to be my #1 resource moving forward.

Ride safe ya'll and looking forward to connecting.

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Photos please. We love red... white and titanium!


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2018 Ducati SSS (red!)

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Welcome! What part of San Jose? Im close to 87 and capitol.

If you havenít found a DOC to join yet, thereís a ridiculous amount in the bay, I highly recommend Desmo of Silicon Valley. Great group of Ducati owners.
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Hey, Daniel...welcome aboard!

Glad to know the forum appeared as a useful accessory towards ownership.

As you mightíve already observed, itís a pretty polite global group here and most everyone is eager to help in a constructive manner. I know Iím impressed every week with the talent and experience of the people on this board. I also think we have excellent moderators who are very fair.

Anyway, welcome aboard and let us know how you get along with your new scoot!

So, lemme get this straight.

I twist this little tube, it gets loud, I go forward really fast and it makes me smile...is that how it all works?
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If you haven't already, you have to ride your Duc up along Mt Hamilton Road to the Lick Observatory. This is a great twisty ride. Unfortunately, coming up from the San Jose side, the road can get busy with bicyclist. However, if you drive on past the observatory the road is just as twisty and fun with little or no traffic.

Be warned there is no gas available over the summit for about 45 miles. The closest gas stations on the far side would be either in Patterson (central valley) or Livermore.

I've done this ride probably a half-dozen times over the years, but did it for the first time on my SSS last weekend. Total blast and you will not be wanting for more curves after the ride.

A buddy or two of mine plan on doing the same ride again later this month. We'll likely come from Patterson, via Del Puerto Canyon, hit the summit and return back, but instead of Patterson head to Livermore along Mines road.
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Welcome mate
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Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!

Photos will be posted soon. It's only been a few weeks but am already ~400 miles into my journey with my first service scheduled next Tuesday. Figured we'd get a nice detailing done on the bike afterwards to pose for pics

@Paddlefoot64 - I'm close to the border of Santa Clara, right next to Levi's Stadium off of Zanker exit. I'll definitely check out Desmo of Silicon Valley!

@landmissile - That is a GREAT ride! I was a short-time owner of a Polaris Slingshot and would ride that route monthly. It's definitely on my list of spots to take the SSS. That ride from Patterson sounds solid!

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Welcome to the forum, how did you like the Shiver? I imagine it was a fun bike.
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@yupthatsdaniel Welcome! Very glad you found the Forum helpful!

Any Mt Hamilton or Mines Roads rides lately?

2017 Ducati SuperSport S
2015 Ducati Scrambler
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@DucColin The Shiver was an incredible bike. Plenty of power throughout the rev range, reliable, looked great.

@Ed K Not yet! Have gone up in other vehicles but planning on trying that out with SSS soon.
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