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Chain completely shot

Hi fellow Ducatistas,

I feel like in a fairly short time my chain has gone from being OK to completely shot. It could also be that I have simply not been very attentive and that it has been more or less shot for a while but now has become very apparent. If you look at the attached pictures you can see that the chain lifts of the rear sprocket quite a lot when pulled and it moves almost 2cm sideways both ways at the slackest part. I adjusted the chain only a month ago and again a few weeks before that.

I got the bike May 2017 and it has now gone 17.000 km (10.500 miles). Since then I have done one ~4.000km trip to Norway with luggage and 5 track days. I also drive "inspired" (as we say in Sweden) on public roads. I would say that I've lubricated and cleaned the chain frequently, about every 500km, even though it might not look so in the pictures. I use Motul Road+ chain lube.

Question 1:
Do you consider this normal wear? In my mind I was expecting the chain to last much longer.

Question 2:
What state would you say that the sprocket is in? Does it also need replacing or is it enough to replace the chain?

Question 3:
How difficult is it to replace chain and sprockets? I've done it on my old Honda VFR without issue but it seems it's more difficult on an SS. I haven't quite understood the need to remove the rear wheel and why this would makes it easier. Has someone replaced their sprockets and chain on the SS? Could you explain the process?

Question 4:
Should I go for OEM chain and sprockets? It would cost me 350USD for the parts and the dealer would charge me another 350USD for the replacement. Any recommendations of better quality sprockets/chains that can be ordered within EU? Also, how many links are in an SS chain?

There's actually a Swedish site that offers plenty of chains (but not sprockets). Any in the link below that you would recommend? I have sorted by highest price.

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