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I've mentioned this before:

1) OEM chains are usually substandard. They're aren't all bad but the quality is spotty.

2) Replace the sprockets. No matter how the sprockets look, it's been my experience a replacement chain will last half as long. Why go to the expense and bother without going ahead replacing the sprockets?

3) Get a quality "o"ring chain. I've had great luck with EK brand.

4) Be attentive about chain maintenance. It's been my experience that more chains have ruined by over tightening them rather than neglect. Look for the tight spot in the chain. That will require a rear stand and careful maintenance. (I've had rear tires replaced at shops and the chains were to tight when I brought it home and that's by professional mechanics.)

At 7k miles, my chain is wearing evenly. I've only adjusted it once.

John L
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