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Should I do it?

I grew up in a family that restored and collected old motorcycles, nothing really “old old” but mostly Japanese “superbikes” from the 60s and 70s. Things like RDs, SuperHawks, X-6 Hustler, GT Suzuki’s, XS650s, etc. but one of my dads best finds was a ‘62 Ducati Monza 250 he bought for $50 at a garage sale. It was complete, but repainted, not much to look at and unfortunately we never completed the restoration before my dad sold is when he reduced his collection around 10 years ago. But we used to ride it around a few times a summer and I have great memories of it as a kid.

At the time I was struggling a bit financially and couldn’t afford buy it myself, and I didn’t have the room for it anyway so the collection went away and he only has a great ‘75 Honda CB500T left. That’s mine, and not getting sold. Ever. Anyway, he was fine with it, so I was and time matched on. I miss that bike, however, and was the one I wish he had kept.

Fast forward to now, this past weekend to be exact, and I have been presented with an opportunity I’m looking for advice on. My dad has been looking for an old Honda Sport 50 or Super 90, basically his first ever motorcycle, and found a guy with a BUNCH of vintage bikes who lives in his area. Dad bought the S90, but while they were looking through a TON of old Hodaka’s, Bultaco’s, Honda’s, Bridgestone’s, etc. that were in their way to uncover the S90, dad said they moved a MINT Ducati 250 Scrambler, we think an original 62-67 model with the narrow case in his collection.

After they loaded the Honda into dads trailer, he told the guy his son would love that Ducati, and asked the guy what he wants for it, he called my dad, gave him a number and dad called me today with it. I’ve not seen it but I trust my dad, he said it’s C.L.E.A.N. like barely been ridden clean. Thing is I still don’t have much room, not do I have a huge need for a vintage bike just hanging around. At least not yet, in another 5 years, probably, but not right now.

But I want it. Bad. Real bad.

It’s priced pretty well, but about $500 more than I’m comfortable with, though I can’t find a great valuation of it. Five hundred dollars is not a huge amount, but enough I’m hesitating a bit.

Anyone familiar with old bikes can help me with valuing it? What would you pay for it? Should I do it or wait until the time is right? I hate to pass this up, not many around, not sure how long this guy will be around (his health is pretty bad and his wife has ZERO interest in the bikes), and well, it’s just cool. And I want it.


Did I say that before?

I’ll attach a pic of our old long gone Ducati and a pic of a Scrambler I pulled from the ‘net. It should be that bike exactly, based on dads description.

It’s so cool, and pretty much what I’d have done with the 250 we had.
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I think you’ll regret not buying a clean, vintage bike more than you’ll miss the $500.

Besides, you haven’t even started negotiations yet....there’s a chance to scrub some $50 dollar bills off the price.
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So, lemme get this straight.

I twist this little tube, it gets loud, I go forward really fast and it makes me that how it all works?
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Get it its only $500 and if you ever sell it you will either loos a $100 so that means it only cost !00 or you will gain a lot more $ either way its better than just sitting in the bank Get it I don't know much about them but the picture looks like a cool bike
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Just do it. You’ll lose more sleep over not buying it than you will over the $500. No brainer.
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Just get it.
Might take some time fully restore it anyway. I'd have the lawnmower outside to fit that in.
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Buy it. These old Ducati singles are appreciating fast. You won't lose on it. I don't know how the financial situation is in the US but here lots of folk are buying old bikes as investments. It will never be worth less than you paid for it and in most cases it will be worth more. I prefer to buy bikes to ride though.

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You need it. Buy it. Don't think, just do.
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I say don't get it... But I'm sadistic and enjoy people suffering.


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The advice I give people over the past few years when they ask whether to buy something or not has been “Life is short, buy the bike” so I decided to take my own words to heart and am making plans to buy it.

The current owner is out of town for a week or so, and I’m a couple weeks out from getting up there to get it, but I think my dad will pick it up from him sooner.

I’ll post pics when I get it
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