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Suzuki Katana

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Not bad
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I have to admit that I have no idea what Suzuki is trying to achieve with this bike.

A new bike based on 1982? Outside of the original Katana owners who fell in love almost 40 years ago- who is Suzuki thinking will pass on all the other litter bike options and go for this instead?
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Katana in the first impression a year ago failed me. Now comparing to nice looking but boring Honda's New Sports Cafe it seems different. You receive more attention on the road. It is also with slightly better performance on the track but still more for gentle people. Little wider, little heavier. Not for me but I will appreciate to see it on the road. Anyone remember Nissan Juke? Now it looks quite ok and they continued with next generation. And hey, Elon Musk would make something similar to his motorcycle vision : )
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Originally Posted by Piston View Post
A new bike based on 1982? Outside of the original Katana owners who fell in love almost 40 years ago- who is Suzuki thinking will pass on all the other litter bike options and go for this instead?
So I guess Im the kind of person, or at least the age group, of those who would be interested in this bike. I was 10 in 82 and remember drooling over them in the showroom with my dad, thinking it was the weirdest/coolest thing Id ever seen. Im not looking for a liter naked bike, but after seeing one and sitting on one, I get the appeal, they did a great job recapturing the look and will be a fun bike for bombing around on. Its not a sportbike, wasnt ever designed to be, so Im not seeing passing anything up but other makes options in the same category.

Retro style bike are one of the few categories still out there doing ok sales wise and well represented by Triumph with the Bonneville, Scrambler and Thruxtons, Yamaha has the XCRs and Bolt, pretty much anything Guzzi and Royal Enfield, Kawasaki has a couple that look like the old Z1s and their W800, and even the Ducati Scrambler is a modern take on a retro bike and falls into this class.

Its not anything I need right now, but I get it.
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I owned both and an 83 and an 84 katana. Loved those bikes to bits. I have not seen this bike in the flesh yet, but based on the pics, I do think they did a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the original. I am not really sure who will buy it. It could be old fogies like me or it could be someone a lot younger who resonates with the look. I am really happy they made it because it has reminded me of how much fun I had on the original. If a used one shows up at a good price, I may well buy it. Hopefully they don't morph it into what the later Katana models looked like. Those were sad looking generic sporty bikes!
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the new Katana is a parody of the original and much uglier than the derived GSX-S1000F. I did test ride the later and found it boring compared to the SS and I also got a deal with the luggage unavailable on the Suzuki. I appreciate the torque of the Duc and I never felt the big power despite having another 30 horses over the Duc. Handling, braking and agility was hands down better too. All of which surprised me, I thought the big Suzuki would blow the little Duc away.

John L

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