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Originally Posted by grond1234 View Post
Well back from another trip to the mountains. Have about 3k miles on the Road 5. Front is done on side - wear bars on sides just about erased. Center a little better maybe another 500 miles. Rear is in better shape. Center wear bars not up and side wear spots have a little bit of life left. We're sticking great in 93 degree weather. About 2x the mileage I got out of the OEM Rosso.
Wow, you must be riding pretty hard. I expect the Road 5 to take me to 7-8k miles. At 4.6k on Rosso 3 now.

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Rear after approx 1km in mountains in September
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Originally Posted by Derek View Post
On the Multi the PR4 front felt slightly vague compared with the earlier PR3 but nothing that ever worried me and I soon got used to
In general, Michelin tires like higher tire pressures up front than what most manufacturers recommend (2,5 bar, normal is often around 2.2-2.3), but that seems to be true also for the DRIII since Ducati recommends 2.5 bars front and back for those on the SS. Otherwise, something to keep in mind with Michelin tires.

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These Road 5s are lasting even longer than I expected... have double the mileage compared with Rosso IIIs, and they’re still going.

For Sport Touring, these are fantastic tires. For Sport riding, as expected, they’re quite good, but not as nimble as the Rosso IIIs. Some might not even notice the difference, or care, even if they do notice, depending on their riding style and conditions.

Two Thumbs Up on the Road 5 tire.

Having said that, I will likely be returning to Rosso III when the Road 5s are done, if I don’t have any long term trips planned at that time. The main reason I swapped to the Road 5s was my last long term trip was 5000 miles, and the Rosso would have been long done before the end of the trip, and I didn’t want the hassle of changing tires during the trip.
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Originally Posted by Ed K View Post
The handling of the 5 is very good, but still not all the way up to the Rosso III, imo. Rossos are a bit sharper turn, and a bit firmer. Depends on personal preference. The 5 are perfectly fine for road use except not quite as good at very top of the spectrum of performance as the III.

My experience with the PRs has been double the mileage compared with a single compound sport tire. But probsbly somewhat less than double for the dual compund IIIs. We will see how long the 5 last.
Iím on the Pilot Road 5ís and would echo Edís assessment.

I commute so wanted longer life. Iím in Florida so needed wet performance. I think the PR gives up a little in agility to the Rossos but the tread life more than makes up for it. And like Ed commented, itís a fine handling tire with no problem characteristics that I can detect. I did a track day on Avon sport touring tires and wouldnít hesitate to do a track day on the Pilot Roads. As for sport touring tires, Iím curious how the Pirelli Angel GT performs compared to the Rosso III.

Iíve always wanted to compare how quickly tires warmed up and wish they could test and publish that data. Commuting means doing a lot of initial miles on cold tires, which can give you problems. So Iíd like a tire that warms up faster.
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The guys I know with Guzzi V11 Sports/Lemans like Angels. I have Dunlop Q somethings Roadsmarts on my V11 Sport and they handle and last as long that last Pilot Roads IV I had on it at half the cost. Plus they don't need to warm up like the Mich's.

I like the stick with the Rosso III I have on the SS. I really feel confident on them. I wonder what they would feel like on my V11 Sport? But I still have a half a worn Dunlop in garage and the mounted one has plenty of life too. So I will likely never know.

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