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I have one for my shoei and like others here I wish it would get darker. At least it darkens enough that I don't have to squint.
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I had my transition shield for the Shoei RF1200 as soon as they were available 2 years ago if I recall. Anyway I was one of the first to get it in my area. I feel as if does get dark enough for the brightest of days. Works well when riding towards the setting sun directly in front of you. The only downside I have and it could be just me. The visor is starting to show small circles or areas where it no longer transitions or gets dark. It looks as if you have a few large bugs splattered over the visor. For a visor that costs almost as much as some helmets you would expect it to last longer. I think I'm going to have to get a new one soon and hope it lasts longer.
Otherwise I'm going to switch to simple dark visor. I find that for the majority of my rides the visor is in full dark mode the entire time anyway.
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My AGV sportmodular is the first lid I've had with a drop down shield. (like Schuberth has had for years). I tell you what - best thing since sliced bread. Only thing I'm disappointed in is that I can't reverse them for summer riding (smoked main, clear inside) because the inside isn't as impact rated as the main. My problem is usually inverted - I ride 95% in bright light, getting caught in the dark is what sucks. But this has been working for me very well.

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