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  1. Ducati SuperSport Parts and Accessories
    As per the title, anyone know where I might be able to purchase individual, coloured hoses for the 939s? Preferably UK/EU. Everywhere I look supplies kits or standard hoses lengths and junctions, but a couple of the hoses for the 939 look pretty impossible to make up for an amateur spanner...
  2. New Members Introduction
    Howdy, I'm a typical long-time lurker/first time poster, living in Herefordshire in the UK (near the English/Welsh border). The forum's been a great resource and actually helped me decide to buy a 939 S about a month ago. Pic's to follow if I can work it out! Cheers, Brendan.
  3. New Members Introduction
    Picked up my first Ducati in June and loving it so far. Rode a lot in the UK previously but have not ridden for 25 years. The Supersport 939S absolutely fits the bill for what I need at this time of life.
1-3 of 3 Results