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2017 Ducati Supersport Is A Riot To Ride

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Invited to test ride the new 2017 Ducati Supersport and Supersport S in Spain, Troy Siahaan from Motorcycle.com found them to be a “riot”.

Troy is by no means a sport bike fan and he has even written a whole article dedicated to this topic back in 2015. Bikes like the Ducati Panigale are great for racetrack riding, but you wouldn’t want to ride one to the track and then ride home after a long day. He’s not the only one who feels this way and Ducati’s answer to their plight is the 2017 Ducati Supersport.

Ducati calls it the bike for the sport tourer who wants a bit more sport in their sport touring. Quite a mouthful there. For more of a touring feel, there’s always the Multistrada lineup.

Its steel-trellis frame was derived from the Monster and some of the covers had to be adapted to fit this frame. Using the same 937cc found in the Hypermotard but with a few changes here and there, the Supersport can crank out 101 hp and 67 lb-ft of torque. As far as power goes that’s the sweet spot for a sport tourer, not too much and not too little.

What makes the Supersport such a great sport-touring bike is its relaxed ergonomics when compared to the Panigale. It has a 31.8-inch seat height, pegs mounted in a more comfortable positon, clip-ons above the top triple clamp and even the windscreen is adjustable. These comfort features makes the Supersport a bike you can ride to work every day, take to the canyons, and then hit the track with.

You can watch his quick take below and let us know what you think.

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It looks like all of these reviews that are out so far are fairly consistent. I sure hope the production bikes delivered to customers live up to the media hype. :)
A good review but they constantly get the power and torque figures wrong, except in their video.
A good review but they constantly get the power and torque figures wrong, except in their video.
I noticed that too. Maybe they spent more time riding that reading Ducati's press kit?
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