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A great run ot.

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Sorry I missed the U from OUT in the title if you were wondering what an ot is.....

I've done quite a lot of 130 to 150 mile rides on the Supersport, but three of us did a 350 mile trip from the East Midlands (UK) to Whitby in North Yorkshire yesterday. It's a very nice place and the various routes across the North Yorks Moors are stunning.
I found the bike really comfortable, no aching back side or aching any thing else come to think of it. Bike ran beautifully, I'd be quite happy to do a continental trip again on this bike.
I'm well over 2,000 miles and my regard for this bike just grows and grows.

The only black mark? Those d4mn mirrors, Not only are they too narrow but the vibration makes it difficult to keep track of those behind.
(not my picture)


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I agree with your assessment...but the mirrors on mine are not that bad. Could definitely be better, but not that bad.

Great picture...even if its not yours. Is that a pic from a member of your group or just a random internet pic?
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