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Just fitted the Aella clutch lever extension, and I am really enjoying the results after riding around for about 4 hours today through fairly heavy urban stop/start traffic.

I am a pretty small guy (62kg), and the extension greatly reduces the force required to pull in and hold the clutch lever. It also makes it easier to control the pressure at the take-up point.

Given that the range of movement for the clutch is reduced, I was on the lookout for negative side-effects - but there really weren't any! No problems finding neutral, and as far as I can tell, the clutch was still completely disengaged with the hand lever fully pulled in. All good, from a cold to a very warm engine.

For me, in my regular traffic environment, this is a simple upgrade to make the bike more accessible - and to have more fun chucking it around! Magic combo with the 14T sprocket!

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