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Anyone has a paint code for the white SS S?

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I see no one has replied. I have the red S so cannot help but when I had the chain guard and rear mudgaurd coloured to match the bike, the painter searched for the colour in the database but could not find the SS listed. All other ducati's were listed but not the 2017 models. So they brought out some device that was placed on the tank reads the colour. Interestingly the red showed up as a Mazda red, one of many reds but it matched the mazda palette.
A good question we would all like the answer to. I have a few small stone chips and would like a touch up pen. I might take the bike to a professional paint shop I know to see if their machine will be able to pick a match. It will be Intresting to see if they can match that shimmer. But that's their profession so will see
On the owner's manual, "Available colors" page 313, you can find the specs of primer, base coat and clear coat :wink2:
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