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At last!

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Ducati Stockholm got their first bikes today. I'll visit them tomorrow to take att closer look on mine.
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That's great news, Billy! Hopefully they start popping up on my side of the pond before to long as well. :)
Are there customer bikes amongst the delivery or just demo bikes?
Awesome! Take some pictures while you are at it!
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Can't wait till you find out some more info on em' and let us know!!

In for seeing pictures of these at the dealer since to start there won't be enough of that.
If you don't mind mentioning, which dealer is this?
It arrived to the store not until today. Unfortunately I'll be going away over the weekend so I can't pick it up until Monday.
@ Ducman: The dealer is Ducati Stockholm Desmo Center.
@ Steeve: There are both press/demo bikes and customer bikes.
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