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Battery Tender for winter

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Any one have experience with Battery Tender Junior from Amazon? Any other suggestions?
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I have an optimate in the garage with four bikes in there. Never plug it into any of them, never had any problems starting.
Yeah I've got the junior works great. I just purchased an adapter on Amazon that fits the connector under the seat to SAE
I've got a solar panel, rigged up to a voltage regulator (designed for charging car/bike battery's). I haven't got a mains power supply to the garage. Last winter my previous bike was hooked up to it, hadn't started the bike for over two months but it started first time. Measured the battery voltage, about 12.3V before I started the bike. After the initial cost of buying the panel it's free to run, it even puts out a good charging rate on dull days. It won't charge a dead battery but it keeps mine nicely topped up.
I use the junior on my Supersport if I'm not going to be riding it for more than a week. Previously used it on my SV650 after I had a dead battery once, has always worked great.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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