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Call Me Curious

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I'm looking forward to swinging my leg over the SuperSport. I don't need another bike...but I want an other Ducati and maybe, just maybe, this could be the one. I've owned a few Ducs in the past: a Monster 900, 2 Multistrada's (1100s) and an ST3. I've got a 1290 Super Duke (chose it over the 1200 Multi) and a 690 Duke in the garage, but have always been a fan of the ST Duc series...yes I know, this is not the same as the ST. What remains to be seen is if my aging body and poor right elbow can handle the seating position. If so, then I will be rolling a bright red one into my garage this year.

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Hi Curious, welcome.

Hope you like it when you try one.
Welcome to the forums. Have you been able to make it out to any shows that have one on the display to sit down and try it out?
Have not seen nor sat on one yet. I'm guessing they will be showing up at the dealers soon.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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