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Custom BLACK SS!

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What do you think? (This is not mine!)
This was at my dealership. The owner is the CEO of Go Daddy, and the dealership is full of his custom personal bikes, and he put this up for sale. Someone bought it the day before I bought mine.


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Holy cow!! I LOVE THIS!!! I would have bought that in a second!
i think it looks really good. wouldn't be surprised if the supersport gets offered in black in the next few years.
Sweet! I kinda also makes the CAT look better
Well, tbh, it's different, but think the white or red suits the bike better. Maybe if it was a flat black...
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Wonder how the red rims would look on this?
Sorry but it's not for me - I'll stick with white! IMHO it's much classier
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Looks like the bike has been butchered, or worse, it's been stolen and resprayed. When I see bikes that are not near the original I think theft case. No disrespect to the 'go daddy' guy but it could have been done better. Perhaps with silver stickers like the black ducati's OEM look. Nah, not for me. There are enough R1's and CBR's that look like those pics. The black removes the stunning curves of the SS, it just swallows them up and spits them out through the cat.

Edit: Uurghh, Eeewwe, Yukkk.
Okay you got the message.
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Can not tell what it is if not for the DRL looks like it's been damaged and resprayed , each to there own but for me I say really ugly , has no looks , **** cover it in mud and you probably see more lines and curves , I think black on red is great BUT red on black???? Don't go..! Need a silver or even white on black.. deffo not for me.. but congratulations to the guy that bought it... I'm sure he's going to have a fun time owning it..
Wonder how the red rims would look on this?
Exactly what I was thinking. It was born a Red, and got that black paint. I think the red rims would look awesome, along with some subtle black white and red piping / trim on the fairing contours
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Ah, I'm shocked at all you guys. I thought it is hawt! Maybe not the red Ducati on the tank, but I like all the rest. No red rims for me, though. Flat black would really be the best, but I'll take the gloss if that's all they had.
Not for me either..... can't expalin what, but for me "something's missing" ...maybe it need some applications (?)
Tastes are fortunately different :)
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