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i was looking for some red wheel tape and came across this on amazon. Definitely not the cheapest, but the reviews were good and they looked extremely reflective in user photos, so I decided to give it a shot.

They all come on a single sheet and it takes about 6 pre curved sections to cover each side. They include two extra strips in case you mess up.

Quality of the vinyl is nice. Application was straightforward. I would highly recommend having a rear stand while applying these. I didn't have a rear stand, and the kickstand side didn't turn out as well because the angle of the bike made it harder. Also, I would recommend carefully cutting the strips/backing into individual strips so that you can peel off a corner and stick it on the rim. Once you have it attached, slowly peel back the backing as you continue to apply the decal. I didn't do this and just peeled each section off and tried to apply it, but the dangling sticker kept getting stuck to other surfaces.

I'd probably give them 7/10. They have an odd pattern on the surface of them. This is what makes them so reflective. I could see it as a love or hate kind of thing. Also, the flash on cameras really make them pop in photos, but I've yet to see if they are this bright with cars headlights.


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