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DQS and Check engine light

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I adjusted the shift lever over the weekend on my S and put on a pair of adjustable levers. It has been fine for 100 miles but this morning the CEL light came on and DQS has stopped working(still says active on the dash) just wondering if there was something I could check before the hour trip to the dealer
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I would check the connection on the Shifter connecting rod. Not sure how correct the manual is, but, the rod should be a certain length. I would start there.
Anyone know if there is a switch (?) at the clutch lever that is wired to QS (that may now be is out of tolerance with the new lever). My bike is at shop now so can't look, and didn't look at the parts cat.

If not a big pain, you might consider putting the original clutch lever back on and seeing if that clears the CEL light.
I needed to be careful of a similar thing when I replaced my stock K1200S levers with Pazzos.
Not all clutch levers work on the SS. There have been many discussions on it under the levers thread. The perch on the clutch lever is the cause and effect thus causing an issue with the DQS sensor since they perform similar functions. Yes both sensors are in 'OR' logic
Thanks all live and learn.

Original clutch lever and no CEL. seems it's keeping the switch depressed.

Anyone had any luck with a dremel ?
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