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Ducati V4 Has Finally Been Spotted

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Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicli has already confirmed the future addition of a Desmosedici MotoGP-derived V4 road legal superbike, we just didn’t know when it will debut. But its due date may be closer than expected as a V4 Ducati sportsbike was spied by MCN during testing.

We were expecting the V4 to be a 2019 model, especially when Paolo Ciabatti confirmed that they will be racing with the Panigale for 2017 and 2018, meaning the engine will continue to be developed. Perhaps this earlier than expected arrival is driven by competition.

“The engine development that we have made in MotoGP is exceptional – we have an engine that is very light, very reliable, and with a lot of very interesting technology. We are seriously thinking about making that available to regular customers…– of course translated into something that can be sold at a reasonable, but premium, price – so it will not be exotic like the Desmosedici, but a more regular high-end sportsbike.” said Domenicali.

Due to superbike regulations, we’re looking at a sub-1000cc V4 in the production model with a 1000cc V4 homologation edition down the road. Perhaps Ducati may release two 1200cc V4 models, one standard and the other with an S badge, though the spied exhaust system with two headers in the front and rear may need to be adjusted to meet emissions regulations.

Aside from that, the test bike looks to be using a twin-spar cast frame instead of Ducati’s 'frameless' chassis design and the frame seems to have gained a few pounds on the front-end. Understandable considering how wide the new engine is compared to a V2. Also updated are the headlamps and sidelights, which are all mounted in the air intake ports, small indicators, and a new high-mounted numberplate mount.

What will be interesting to see at its rumored at the Milan show this November, is what other changes are made to this new superbike
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Can't wait to see what the body will look like, also the sound that monster will make.
And torque...
Is this what "save the date" for July 7th is all about? Some big announcement...
Is this what "save the date" for July 7th is all about? Some big announcement...
No. That's for the 1299R FE

Ducati 1299 R Final Edition: specs and U... | Visordown
I agree with you. I have seen the same but from a different angle and it has the super loop exhaust under the tail just like the current panigale motor.
Correct, was there to see it.

Word is that the Moto GP bike has the strongest motor, but the chassis is not right, hence all the winglets to help in the corners. Word around the WSBK paddock(okay one guy who i rode and hung out with, but seems to know his ****) is that the panigale is down on power to the Kawi, so they want to take the moto gp motor to wsbk, but need it to be a bike you can actually buy.
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