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Ducatisti returned to the fold.

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Hello. After many years with mainly Velocettes I bought a Ducati 600SS about 20 years ago; a lovely bike, smooth as silk and nice and light. As I aged I needed something more comfortable so got a GT 1000 in 2008. A very nice bike but a little slow through the corners mainly due to the heavy steel rimmed wheels and tubed tyres. Hagon shocks improved things and gave a very nice ride but last year I decided to change. Ducati only offered large and, to my eye, rather weird looking bikes, or out and out sports bikes like the Panigale so I bought a Triumph Thruxton 1200 which was a very nice ride but not perhaps as well finished as Ducatis. No sooner had I bought the Triumph of course, than the new SuperSport was announced for 2017, just what I had been looking for!

A ride on the demonstrator from Ducati Coventry the other day confirmed my desire for one and it will be with me in about 10 days. Most of my riding these days is on minor A and B roads just when the weather is nice and I fancy a ride so something as agile as the Supersport is ideal. And it's nice to be back with Ducati!
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Welcome, Coventry, very good dealer. I've waited five months for mine!
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