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First 50 miles

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Supersport delivered yesterday so this afternoon was set aside for the first ride.

Getting it in and out of the shed using a small home made ramp proved very easy and unlike the previous bike, a 2016 1200 Triumph Thruxton, the Ducati showed no inclination to fall over when being manoeuvred about by hand. A quick check over, then away on well-known A and B roads with a bit of motorway thrown in. The bike is as nice to ride as all the other posts here indicate although the clutch is heavier than I anticipated - that on my 2007 GT1000 was lighter, as it was on the Thruxton. I hope it will free up a little but the cable is routed through a tight 90 degree turn just after the lever adjuster which can't help matters. Brakes and gear change are fine, the ability to select neutral at a standstill being noticeably easier at the end of the ride than at the beginning - typical Ducati. The engine has grunt in spades, any gear, any speed, but is a little unrefined (coarse, even?) at anything below about 4,000 revs although this could well smooth out with some more miles.

Handling/cornering is excellent; there is a bend on a fast B road near home with a couple of dips in it just 20 yards or so apart. The GT1000 on standard suspension squirmed a bit here, with Hagon shocks it was OK, as was the Triumph. The Supersport not only coped with the dips but I barely felt the dips were there at all! On the motorway at 70 or so there was some wind on the upper part of me so the touring screen might be an option for some people. I also bought a Ducati paddock stand and it is very easy to use; expensive but well worth it. I'll also be getting the Ducati alarm fitted when the bike gets its first service, it comes with Datatag protection as standard fit with the immobiliser.

It's a lovely bike and beautifully made. Enjoy!!
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Well done and congratulations. It would be easier to manoeuvre with some pillion handles, but I wont fit any. Mine now has just over a hundred miles on it and neutral is gradually getting that bit easier to engage.
Nice feedback! Enjoy it and post a photo or two when you get a chance. Congrats!
Great first ride review! Wouldn't mind reading your take on the 939 after you've broken it in to see if any of your concerns have been ironed out.
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