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First batch of modifications

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After months of waiting, the last of the Ducati Performance parts that I ordered finally came in for my 2023 Ducati Supersport 950S.
  • Carbon Fiber Front Fender
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Mud Guard
  • Carbon Fiber Chain Guard
  • Aluminum Plate Holder
  • Akrapovic Full Exhaust w/map (EVO)
  • Heated Grips
It was all worth the wait. I got to run a full tank of gas through it today and I can’t wait to do it again.

Tire Wheel Sky Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light
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Have you noticed a difference in the amount of heat coming off the bike since the exhaust is now set back more? Thx!
Not an increase. With the cat out of the picture, it’s actually a little cooler - that said, it seat still gets warm from that rear header.
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