SC Projects Twin CR-T Dual Muffler Titanium exhaust with carbon fibre heat shield, fitted to the bike but not ridden and absolutely unmarked. Happy to explain the story to potential buyer.
Original box with all fittings, instructions, SC Projects stickers and EC Approval Certificate. Will fit Ducati Supersport 939 and 950 all models, all years. Fully UK road legal.

Weight 1.9Kg. Weight saving of 4 Kg over the stock exhaust which is 5.6 Kg.
Power +2.8 hp @10000 rpm
Torque +2 Nm @10000 rpm

Twin CR-T dual Muffler

To buy from a Supplier this would be £730 because in the UK we now have to pay import duty at 20% as we have left the EU.

Bargain price of £325 plus P&P. No offers.

Remember, this is new and unused and is over 50% off the Suppliers price. Selling on the forum before it goes on Flea Bay