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Greetings from new orleans

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Hello everyone, I placed my order for my SS the day that it was possible about 8 months ago! lol. I have had the hankering for a more relaxed sport bike from ducati for a long time. I have had 2 monsters 969 and 1200, and I wanted more fairing, had a 749 wanted more comfort, and just sold a hyperstrada 821 that I had for 3 years,it was too tall and while it a blast to ride i wanted a more "in the bike" feeling than an "on top of the bike" feeling if that makes sense. Even though on my monsters I had that bikini fairing and they had enough HP, they didnt give me the sport bike feeling unless I wanted to do some heavy mods. I hate big project aftermarket mods as they make me feel unsafe....going 90 mph scared something is gonna get loose and fall off! maybe weird but I am what I am. When I saw the 939 SS I KNEW that was the machine I was looking for. My bike comes in in about 10 days and I actually test rode the demo after I watched my dealer uncrate it! I was right about the bike all except for a couple of minor things that really are more mild aggravation. IT WAS A BLAST. I will show some pics and talk about the first ride in the appropriate thread. Thanks for the welcome and glad to be here.
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Sounds the ideal bike for you, welcome to the forum.
Welcome in the wonderful word of Supersport 939 !!
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