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Hello all

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So, yesterday I put down a deposit on a new red S, still in transit to Motocorsa in Portland without hesitation after test riding their S. Easiest bike decision I've made.

Some of you may know me from the big Ducati.ms forum but for those who don't, my current ride is a 1994 900SS, what I would imagine Ducati had made if they made an R model - high compression pistons, FCR's, Ohlins suspension front and rear, Marchesini 10 spoke forged aluminum wheels, floating rotors, stainless lines and radial master cylinders.

I'm 6'5" and 220 lbs, new bike plans include the comfort seat and touring windscreen right up front I'm back/forth on the Akro exhaust. I like the looks of it, and it would be easy enough to roll into financing, but I'm not sure if it will leave my any place to tie off my small-ish Ogio soft luggage and a duffel bag over the top of them.
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Welcome to these ends and congratulations on pulling the trigger. The anxiety must be killing you!

Any interesting finds when you went through your test drive?
Welcome............ sounds like a nice bike you have.
Welcome to the forums.

Not too sure about the panniers saddle bag question though.
Welcome and congrat !!
Welcome to these ends and congratulations on pulling the trigger. The anxiety must be killing you!

Any interesting finds when you went through your test drive?
It's totally killing me. I unfortunately lost my daily rider (2015 Thruxton) in an accident last fall and have been looking for a replacement bike to fill the daily rider spot. The new Thruxton R went to the top of the list, but when I sat on it I just didn't fit right. I'm 6'5" and 220 lbs with a lanky long build and I couldn't get my knees in the tank pockets on it. Nothing from Japan interested me, and while I considered a Brutale, I wanted something with more utility and usability. In the mean time, starting a high compression SS with FCR's isn't always guaranteed if the weather is below 50 F - there's no choke on them.

Surprises: Yes. The biggest surprise was how well I fit on the bike! Knees were in the pocket under the tank and inside the fairing, the ride is surprisingly upright and comfortable. The bike handling was extremely well mannered and easy to manage, turn in wasn't too fast, super stable when leaned over, overall very confidence inspiring (I had expected it to be twitchier with faster tip in and squirreley once leaned over).

The throttle could use some work off idle from a stop, it's very choppy and difficult to control, but once under way it got better. Changing to Urban mode helped considerably, then switching to Touring once I got out of town made the most sense. I wonder if the throttle spacers for the Panigale would help resolve this.

The other surprise was for my size 15 feet - the left heel was rubbing on the swingarm and the right heel was rubbing the exhaust canisters.

I'm not totally sold on the looks yet, but I'm not looking at it when I'm riding it.
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Welcome............ sounds like a nice bike you have.
Thanks. It really is a nice bike, but it's been quite the project. Had sat for 3 years before I got it, so every bit of rubber and ignition gave up within the first 200 miles of riding it. Borderline basket case that's now a dreamboat to ride. Every "upgrade" listed is because the original item failed somehow. Except for the wheels, those came up on the big forum for a price too good to pass up, so I didn't.

What I've learned is that when you see a part that's compatible on a bike this old, buy it - it will be a year before you find another one. The forks took me 2 years to find. I'm still looking for a complete dry clutch upgrade at an affordable price.
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