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Hello from Cambridge!

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I test rode the Supersport S at Ducati Cambridge last weekend and yesterday managed to collect a very low mileage (800 miles) example second hand. The saving will pay for lots of goodies including the White panniers when they are available. If anyone know where to get them now or when they will be available, please let me know as I go touring on the 10th July.

I am over the moon with this bike but at the same time very sad to now put my Suzuki GSR750 Moto GP up for sale but I can't afford to keep that as well. If anyone knows anyone looking for a like brand new GSR with every extra known to mad fitted, let me know please.
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You bought the dealer's test bike or someone got tired of it that quickly? Has it had its first service?
No I brought it from someone who had sadly been taken ill since he ordered the bike.

Fortunately he had the first service done also, so it was a very good saving on the new price. Leaves me more money for extras!
Congratulations on the new bike. How do you like it and how do you feel it compares with the Suzuki?

Cambridge where, there are a few. Please considering adding you location to your profile? It helps as this is a very international forum.

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