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Hello From Canada!

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First time Ducati owner, getting a nearly new 2017 Ducati Supersport S!
I'll be picking it up on Saturday.

Someone else's regret is now my treasure!
It's coming with an OEM carbon fibre tankpad (not as awesome as it sounds, but looks cool) and an Akrapovic slip-on for the price of the base SS!

I used to ride a 2016 Yamaha FZ-07 and missed the full fairing life that I had previously with my 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250R.
I've get to ride outside of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area, including our cottage country, Muskoka and near our national park Algonquin Park) other than making a few jaunts over to the Niagara Falls US border to get some parts from Revzilla.

I'm obsessed with LEDs and their aesthetic on bikes.
I've fitted my past two bikes with LEDs as seen below, and I intend on adding another series of DRLs, if not replacing the OEM ones with
LED DRLs with sequential turn signals!
Maybe I'll place them in the same spot as the NRC windshield turn signals!

Looking forward to debating about Octane levels (87, 89, 91, & 93 available in Canada. Rarely 85 & 95 seen), headlight bulbs (already bought the Phillips CrystalVision Ultra as many other vehicle enthusiast forums and websites show that it's much whiter and a little brighter than the rest, though PIAA bulbs are more durable... however I have installed these guys on my previous bikes with great success due to the proper positioning of the LEDs in the same location as halogen bulb filaments, but I've heard that the heatsink may be too large to fit behind the headlight housing), and paint protection (I'm too cheap for XPEL Matte Protection Film Wraps, but I'm going to try out Chemical Bros. Matte Sealer & Wash combo).

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Welcome and congrats on the bike. Looking forward to your expertise in LED and what you come up with.
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