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Hello from Germany

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Hello fellow sufferer,

like most (all?) of you, I've made the mistake an test ride the new Supersport.
After the test ride it was already to late to save my soul - so i ended up with signing a contract for the S model in white.

Therefore I sold my Street Triple RX to the dealer and payed the remaining difference. Now I have to be patient and wait for my italian lady.

Good luck I have her little sister, a ducati Scrambler at my side, which helps me to overcome the waiting time.

Looking forward to share wonderfull conversations with all of you.

May the grip always be with all of us,

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Hi Willow,

welcome to the forum.
I am from Germany, too. Where do you live and where have you placed your order ?
I have placed my order for the supersport S in Bochum. Still waiting now for about 6 weeks.
The delivery date has been delayed 2 times. :)
Hi Ducdriver,

I live pretty close to you I guess. I am from Möhnesee and placed my order in Anröchte (Schnock). He told me that I'll have to wait three to five weeks.

But as is known: Anticipation is the greatest joy :)
Welcome. I'm sure the rime will pass quickly and once you're new baby turns up you're going to be so pleased.
Just take comfort that some of had a wait of over five months.......
Willkommen im Supersport-Forum. Hier teilen wir gute Kenntnisse. Ich denke, du wirst es genießen
Congrats on the new ride, go ahead and figure out insurance now as it seems costs are higher than expected. I love living vicariously through all y'all SS buyers.
Welcome! I hope your SuperSport will arrive soon :wink2:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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