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Hello from Las Vegas!

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Well, since Las Vegas finally got a new Ducati dealer a few months ago after a 6 year absence, it is probably time to buy a new Ducati ! Yes, you heard right, there was no Ducati dealer in Las Vegas for the past 6 years! To make matters worse, Ducati used to shoot commercials and promos out in the desert just to rub it in even more! I did get to do some demo rides last week at Ducati Las Vegas and rode the Monster 1200s and the xDiavel which were both great. But, I've really been waiting for the Supersport. So I will be heading out this weekend to test ride one. The biggest dilemma is wondering how many hours I will spending agonizing over the decision of getting a red one or a white one. Red is classic Ducati, but that white one looks sweet too!
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haha that didn't take long. I put a deposit down on the white one!
The white doesn't half show the dirt though.

Welcome to the forum.
Welcome and good choice! The cleaning of the White will be a labor of love...lol
Welcome! The white is matte and when i rode the demo it was all "fingered". Monkey prints everywhere. I went with the red S. Classic. Good luck.
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