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Hello from NY

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Hello from New York everyone. I just picked up my New Ducati SuperSport Std today. I am upgrading from a 2015 Monster 821. Was a great bike for the two seasons I owned it but i needed (wanted) more. The SuperSport seams to fit just what I was looking for. The Ducati feel, sport styling with a more upright seating position.

I do have a question, I see some are reporting a "recall" regarding the rear shock having a heat issue from being so close to the exhaust. Can anyone help elaborate? What are they doing to correct the issue? Should I be concerned?

Thanks all and happy to be a part of the SS family.

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There are several threads about the exhaust being to close to the shock. The recall solution is to put a heat shield on the bike. Since your bike is new it might already be installed.
Thank you, I did some searching through the forums. Some have posted a photo of the shield... think you are correct, looks like it is already installed...

How much did the standard set you back, if you don't mind? There's a thread about what people paid for their S model where it might be more beneficial to post. http://www.ducatisupersport939.net/...8-how-much-did-you-pay-your-supersport-s.html
Welcome and congrats. Post up some pics once you have it.
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