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Hello from Paris

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I'm Bruno, living in Paris / France.
I've ordered my SS 939 and should have it in the next 2 weeks.
Currently riding a Ducati ST3... and have few decades of motorbike riding experiences.
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When you have the bike then feel free to try it out on the A10, A71, A20 to Brive and come and see us in dept 24! That should make sure that it is run in!
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Fredinfrance :
Strange to speak (bad) english to a frenchy but...
I'll stop in Brive with pleasure ! I have to prepare the first week-end with the 939... 1000km to do to get rid of the first service.
I go very often to Albi or Arcachon, and I try to avoid highways, I prefer small roads with a lot of turns...
I'll send you a message when I'll be around.
I am sure that your English is better than my French Bruno! I have only been learning French since 2004, and only the locals can understand me! have a look at [URL="facebook.com/dordognebikers/"]www.facebook.com/dordognebikers/ [/URL]to see where we are.
Welcome Bruno !

be carefull in Paris, secure it, my SS has been stollen at Porte d'Orléans before it's first service ^^

If you already ride a ducati, maybe you already know about this group on FB ?
Ducatistes IDF
@Fredinfrance : I'll have a look at your FB account.

@titus : bad luck... I'm living in the famous '9.3' (a Paris no-go zone for our US friends watching Fox TV). I hope that I won't have any problem. I had a Cagiva 900 with a Ducati engine few year ago and they try also to stole it when it was new. I'll attach it at the 2 wheels...
Did you got another one ?
I'm looking for other bikers to ride from Paris in the week-ends, if you're interested...
I should know this week if i can buy another one or something else.

If you're looking for people to ride along, again you should look a this FB page : Ducatistes IDF
:laugh:Welcome to the forum, I know that you'll enjoy your new bike.
As the kilometres pile up the bike just gets better and better....
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