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Hello from the Netherlands

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Greetings from a, soon to be, new ducati family member from the Netherlands.

Last week I ordered my first ducati :grin2:, a supersport (base model) with dqs, heated grips, led indicators and seat cowl.
It's expected to arrive in a week or two - three.
Last 12 years I've been riding a Yamaha BT1100, which has the same engine as the yamaha/star virago chopper.
So basically a low rev, torquee engine with only 65hp.
Now I'm looking forward to learn to ride on a much sportier bike :wink2:

I've been checking the forum for the last few weeks, and I already got a lot of great info and tips.
As soon as I have the bike I'll post some pics, and I'll try to post some updates now and then.



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Hey Hans, welcome and congrats!

You're gonna love the SS!
Welcome Hans, look forward to seeing your bike once it arrives.
Welcome Hans you are going to love this bike it is going to be so much more fun than your Yamaha BT1100.
My bike arrived at the dealership, I'm gonna pick it up September 23rd. The weather out here is terrible at this moment :frown2:, and the forecasts for next weekend are better :grin2:
Can't wait to take it for a ride :smile2:



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Welcome and congrats. The waiting will drive you nuts, I'm sure.
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