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Hello from the UK

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Next week hopefully I shall be a proud owner of a new Supersport S trading in my MV Agusta Brutale 800 loved the bike but felt I wanted a change from three cylinders screaming to a not so screaming vee twin engine.
This will be my first Ducati & was impressed on the test ride out apart from yes I know a subject close to all your hearts those vibrating mirrors hopefully the message will at some stage get to Ducati & sort this issue out.
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Welcome and congrats. Post up some pics once you have her in hand.
Welcome and congratulations from an ex-pat "Pom" now living in Melbourne, Australia. Forget about the mirror problem and enjoy the bike. Yes they "buzz" but you can still get a picture of what's behind even if it is a bit fuzzy. I used to ride a 999 and I can assure you that it had mirrors simply as a compliance to the roadworthy requirements. Other than serving as a "required adornment" they were totally useless. Anyway, what colour did you get? Hopefully you're already aware that white with red wheels goes MUCH faster!! Enjoy the ride and enjoy the forum
Hi welcome to the forum, yes the mirrors are a pain, let's hope that Ducati sort it out at some point.
One tip is to pull the clutch in and shut the throttle off which takes a fraction of a second and all becomes clear, not good but better than nothing.
Enjoy your bike they are a great ride.
Welcome mate look forward to your input we have fun here and are quite a helpful bunch, I notice your from the south thank God ! At least we won't have any winging Pom from you.0:)
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