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Here is the explanation on the HP drop on Ducatis.

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Ducati lowers power claims | Visordown

It will be interesting to see if there are any legal repercussions, particularly in the U.S., over this change. Some years ago, when they first came out, I purchased a Mazda RX-8 which Mazda advertised as having 250 hp. A few months after the cars went on sale, they were re-rated at 238 hp. Mazda ended up offering owners to re-purchase the cars for the original purchase price or free service during the warranty period. I ended up taking the cash.
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Strange data, the HP has dropped by 3hp's. The original data was a chassis or rolling road dyno at 113 and the engine dyno is now 110. I thought the hp will have been the other way around, more on engine than on rolling road. Or is it that the article has it the wrong way around where they specify ducati used rolling road as standard and **** dyno is engine...too many abnormalities in this. I think we need a clear statement by ducati.
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