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Hi from the south of France

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Just joined because the wife and I intend to buy a supersport each in the near future. We have an 848 SBK, an ST2 and a 250 Mk3 amongst the bikes at the moment.
Went to see the Supersport at our local French dealer and decided that we need a couple of them.
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Hi fred
Welcome and congrat !

I ve my red s for 2 weeks , i am in Marseille

More confortable than 848 , panigale and
also for my partner behind me
Welcome! :smile2:

I think you have to test SuperSport! :laugh:
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Myself and many others in the forum ordered the bike without a test ride before they started shipping. No one is complaining about comfort and performance. All media reports and this forum write highly of it.
Welcome, what a beautiful part of the world you live in.
My wife and I just bought two red Supersport S. Love the bikes, hope you two do as well.
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