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Insurance quotes

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After I got my VIN yesterday, I got my insurance to run some numbers. I have Allstate and I am transferring my insurance from my 2013 Hyperstrada to my 2017 Supersport S. The insurance did not change at all! WOW. The exact same. So hopefully this helps if you are thinking about the SS and you have another Ducati that you want to compare the insurance to.
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Thats great for you man...its not working out for me as well. Its a new bike for me though and I have a quote of $120/month, from AllState
Glad it worked out for Allstate. They told me they had to have a vin to run a quote. Seems like a Multistrada would be a tame-ish bike to insure. That gives us hope!
Got a quote from Liberty Mutual today, in Massachusetts, $444 a year. I have a great driving record.

Pets Doc, I'm in Nola too. 54, one minor claim on the car, and my cheapest quote was 270 a month! What company do you use? And did you get your bike yet?
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