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So umm yeah... for my day job I work at a company that does laser scanning and reverse engineering. We are basically the best in the world at this give or take. I could theoretically scan and or measure the entire bike and pick up any shapes or locations with a few .001 (one thousandth) inches or 25 to 75 micrometers (for you metric types). I can export the data in STL and CAD based formats depending. Now doing a CAD-based RE of the fairings to within .030" would take someone weeks or so of work. I can do a simpler method for those but the data is a bit noisier. Anywho.. if anyone can think of something on the bike that needs scanning for fabrication let me know.

The scanning pickups are best used to create something to attach. I live in central MD so if someone wants to come and help take stuff apart for scanning I am game.

See ya.
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