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Local Ducati sales manager in Sardinia on a new bike test!

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So I'm wondering what new bike it is, he's not saying at all.
Friend thinks it's the Multistrada 950 but they're in dealerships already so could it be the Supersport?
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There's been first ride reviews posted of the Multistrada 950 from 3+ weeks ago so it definitely could be the Supersport ! When is he coming back...? Maybe take him a few brews and have a conversation ;)
Maybe he was doing some last minute fine tuning of the supersport? Who spotted him testing the new bike?
He's not been yet, goes in the near future still not saying what for.......
Does he grin when you ask him about the SS ? Any signs of a reaction lol
Since its still under testing I wonder if they have any special equipment mounted to the bike that helps to read and gather certain types of information they're after. Unless its all done through say some module that gets tucked away easily.
From what I've seen through spy shots of bikes testing outside, I don't typically see anything hanging down, opposed to cars that are testing that have things hanging or stuck all over them. I presume it's just a computer plugged in that's tucked away. A little data logger.
These wouldn't be test mules. They would be fully finished early production machines (not pre-production). Such as are also provided to the press for them to ride and appraise and hopefully write great things.

I often see Triumph marketing guys taking groups of journalists or dealer sales people on rides around Leicestershire on new models.

But I still don't know what Ducati product it is.
Looks like Sean McDonald of Cycle World is traveling soon to ride the Supersport soon. Read it in comments of the CycleWorld Article;


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So if that's the scenario... we actually may still not see anything. If there's a media embargo, we're still going to be left with nothing for quite some time. Thankfully however, they may be able to still put out pictures which will still be an aid.
Looking forward to the reviews as well.

Btw, where are they being manufactured?
They'll be made at the Ducati factory in Bologna.

I'm there next month for a factory tour and museum visit. I'm kind of hoping to see some in production. I'm going to ask my dealer for my factory order number, well you never know!
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Must have been Spain perhaps?
An update, first week in March and it's to ride all the 2017 bikes, including the Supersport.
The US and Canada should be getting some dates as well, been hearing a lot of riders in those ares getting offered rides.
Going to be some busy times with all the feedback coming in, hopefully there's enough video coverage.
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