Heated Handgrips (96680571A) - $150 (SOLD)
Ducati smoke-tinted windscreen (97180461A) - $100 (SOLD)
Adhesive carbon tank protection (97480151A) - $60 (SOLD)
Billet aluminum handlebar balancing weights (96180521A) - $50 (SOLD)
Motodynamic Sequential LED Tail Light - $60 (SOLD)
Oil filler plug (97380871AB) - $30 (SOLD)

The heated grips and tail light only fit the 2017-2020 models. All other parts fit all models from 2017-2022. All prices are less than 50% of the MSRP that I paid originally. Supplied mounting hardware and instructions are included. Carbon tank adhesive is brand new/unopened. The bar ends and oil filler cap were used for only a couple rides. The tail light, handgrips, and touring windshield have 1 season of use.

I will include shipping in these prices to keep it simple. Prices are in Canadian currency.

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