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New member from the Netherlands

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Good evening fellow riders,

New member here, 30 years old from the netherlands
Traded in my hypermotard 1100 evo SP for the new Supersport S white.
Dealer said my new supersport will arrive mid april !

Reading awhile on this forum now and felt like i needed to register to say hi so Hi guys.:grin2:
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Hi !
Glad you registered to say Hi, welcome to the boards!!

Did you get a chance to order any accessories or anything else? Did they give you a tracking number?
Hey snyped,

Ye the dealer offered accessoires but didnt ordered anything yet and no i dont have a tracking nr but dealer said it wil come in april
Welcome, let us know when you get a date......
Welcome to the forum! The wait before taking delivery of a new two wheeler is always the painful part. Good thing we have forums to use as a support group of sorts. :grin2:
Haha thanks ducatty,

When i have the bike i will upload allot of pictures and some sound videos for sure so you all know what its like!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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