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new owner in Belgium

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hi all,

my girlfriend just traded in her S1000R for a SuperSport S; she wanted something 'slower' for the street (too many speeding tickets)...

We tested a few bikes; she originally wanted a Scrambler Café Racer but after the test ride on the SS she seemed convinced that the SS was the better choice: sporty Panigale-like looks, higher clipons, less intimidating but more useable power on the street.

Only complaints so far:
- huge vibration in mirrors, making them nigh useless; not sure yet how to fix that
- a LOT of heat coming from the engine when waiting at a stoplight or riding very slowly
- the plastic plate holder bounces around while riding; a tail tidy is on order

This is now her third bike: she started on a Honda Black Window (we still have that), then the S1000R (probably the best bike I've ever ridden) and now the SS. She wanted a white SS but the dealer gave us a great deal on his project bike... a red SS S with a 'Panigale Anniversario' paint scheme and the Superleggera-look ti Akra exhaust system installed; frack, that is LOUD!!

My own bike history:
- Harley 883R (2 months)
- Harley Super Glide + Buell XB12S
- Harley Softail Heritage + Buell 1125R
- Duc Diavel gen1
- Aprilia Tuono V4 Factory
--> just last weekend also purchased a 2013 Multistrada S (full Termi and the Pikes Peak paint scheme)

My gf isn't really active on fora, I'll be checking and (possibly) contributing here on her behalf ;)

I hope it's ok to post a URL here like this: DUCATI Aarschot
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maaaaannn... this paint job.... neeeeeeeeddd...
Welcome to the forum. Sadly, only one of your issues are fixable. There is nothing that can be done, currently, for the d4mn mirrors! I'm a little confused by your heat issue due to the fact that your bike has the Akra full exhaust on it. Typically, we have heat issues with the stock setup due to the CAT, but yours has been removed. May be no further heat reduction for you other than maybe some insulation under the seat. Looking forward to your input here.
thx guys :)

The heat seems to be emanating from the rear cylinder, not really from the exhaust itself; if I'm ever allowed back on the SS I'll try to check in more detail and try to pinpoint the exact source. When stuck at a red light or so, my gf is tempted to step off the bike... she says the heat is roasting her legs!

The mirrors are weird: yesterday I did a track day and drove back home at relatively high speed on the Tuono... mirrors were quite good; on Sunday I took the Multi for a spin and it immediately amazed me how well the mirrors worked... almost no vibration at all, at any rpm. I'm sure Ducati will be able to do *something* about the mirrors on the SS... OR maybe a forum member will come up with some clever fix! (like the Dutch guy who came up with an easy yet super-efficient fix for the 'rattling chain' syndrome on the Diavel; we shouldn't always rely on the manufacturer!!)
Nice looking bike!

Although there's been some voices of heat concerns here that you can find threads on, but generally, and I might be over stepping a bit to say this, it's not considered a significant issue. At least not for me, anyway. Unless, one is sitting in traffic a long while, but then, why have an SS to sit in traffic?
my gf just told me that the excessive heat issue was linked to some particular circumstances:

- very hot day (unusually hot for our climate, combined with zero wind)
- long wait at the stoplight in full sunlight (Ed, we don't usually 'choose' to sit in slow traffic :) )
- she was wearing leather/fabric trousers with stretchy fabric on the inner thigh area

Last weekend it was quite a bit cooler outside and we rode for 2 hours straight, she didn't report any heat issues.

We'll keep an eye on it... I'm sure we'll have some very hot days coming up this Summer!

Overall, very pretty and quite a good bike though.... (I'd seen this particular bike at the dealership and was almost tempted to buy it for myself, so I kinda 'guided' my gf to get this one instead of the all white, which she coveted)

The bike does run hot, especially when you are in direct sunlight or at a stop. I was out early yesterday and was enjoying the cooler temps in the shade. As the day went on it gets progressively hotter with the sun coming up higher in the sky.

Tell her that we already have some ladies on the forum and the she is more than welcome to join.
Welcome, I've always thought the heat is mainly due to the rear cylinder and the riders proximity to the exhaust system.
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