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NRC Fender Eliminator Kit Group Buy - Ends September 30th!

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Our first group buy for the members is still getting demand, and since there are a good number of new members registering, we have decided to extend this group buy for all members. As the tittle suggests, this group buy is for the NRC Fender Eliminator kit. The kits are all made in USA, and they are hugely popular for the Panigale models.

These fender eliminators are absolutely 100% plug and play, no need to cut or splice any of the wiring on your SuperSport. The signal lights are bright so that you don't compromise on safety while making your bike look that much cleaner with removing that bulky looking stock fender. Features all LED lights including the license plate light as well.

This group buy is only valid until September 30, 2017 so don't miss out!

Pricing and How-To Order Through the Group Buy

We can not publicly disclose the group buy pricing due to advertised priced restrictions, simply follow the link below, add the fender eliminator kit to your cart and use the discount code NRCSSGB at checkout to see the group buy pricing.

You can then place your orders as a part of the group buy directly from our website. Make sure your shipping addresses are correct.

NRC Ducati SuperSport / SuperSport S Fender Eliminator Kit: https://supersportcentral.com/products/nrc-fender-eliminator-for-ducati-supersport-supersport-s-939

When will I receive my Fender Eliminator Kit?

We constantly stock these and have a few of these in stock right now. The first participants should expect to receive their kits within 1-3 business days.

My friend is not on the forum:

You are welcome to share this group buy with friends. The discount code will work for them as well.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask away!

Pictures from forum members:

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For those who are thinking of getting in on the group buy, we have made a commitment to stock these tail tidy / fender eliminator kits in stock. We ship out the fender eliminators within the same business day you purchase them through the group buy so that you can clean up the tail of your SuperSport sooner than later :)
Here is a picture of @niknas 's bike with a nice clean tail :) Thank you for the pictures.

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Clean up the looks of your Supersport without compromising on safety! NRC's tail tidy kits feature ultra bright LED signal lights that are visible clearly from the rear and the sides!
Purchased! Thanks for this.

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Looks like NRC will have an official instructions on how to install these posted in 1 weeks time!

We still have them in stock, and the group buy is still going on. Shipments may be delayed because of Hurricane Irma, but as of now no reported delays.
Only a few days left on this, and we got them in stock!
Looks like NRC will have an official instructions on how to install these posted in 1 weeks time!

@Motomillion- thanks for setting this up. i’ve ordered the tail tidy kit- and while i received it without instructions- i emailed NRC and they provided the following written instructions with pictures. will send send pictures of bike when installation is complete.


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