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Pannier fitment nearly complete

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Nearly finished the pannier fitment. The panniers and rack came from the wifes Ducati ST2. The rack has been modified to fit the SS with the standard rear indicators. There are no rear footrests fitted at the moment, but the finished design will have the option of having them fitted. The pannier lids are silver but might end up red when the finishing touches and the drawings are all complete.


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nice job. is it possible tot make a picture of the rack without the panniers?

thx johan
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Yeah, good job and fitment.

Those are freaking huge, though. Have any pics from behind to show width?
Looks like part of the pannier bracket right above the exhaust(?).
I previously had an ST4s and the panniers were far better than the ones supplied for Supersport, so I'm familiar with the panniers and their frames which have 2 mounting points to the rear subframe of the ST and one to the pillion footrest hanger. I'm very curious to see how you fitted them. It looks like you have removed the pillion footrest hangers from the Supersport and presumably attached some sort of bracket in it's place to secure the top mounts of the ST frames. The bottom mount appears to be secured somewhere about the rider footrest hanger.
The front mounting points from the ST have now been removed from the frames. The frames do attach to one of the footrest mounts, I do not carry passengers so have removed the footpegs anyway.
When the panniers are fitted they are about as wide as the bikes mirrors, one of the reasons for making my own fitment was that I could fit them as snugly to the bike as I wanted, and I believe that the mounting frames and panniers from the ST ranges are more robust than the SS ones.
One minor problem that I will sort yet is that the SS indicators are in a stupid place and force the panniers to be fitted where I have them, but I will could change the indicators to be 10cms further back and then move the panniers allowing a pillion to be carried too.
Some may think that the panniers look big but they can be too small and not too big.
I will do drawings and pictures when I have all the fasteners sorted and the frames are painted and finished and will put them on my blog.
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