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Ok. After my previous ride it seemed like a good idea to take the girl along. This time at the William Street dealer to ride the standard SS + DQS added.

We rode past Rose Bay and back. For those who know the area there are some twisty 60 km/h bits which are better than nothing for so close to town.

Quick impressions:

Standard non-S suspension not as good on bumpy roads as the S I rode a couple of days ago. Both were on standard settings so I can't say for sure if that could be improved. Nevertheless, still good and controlled and probably better than the suspension on any bike I've owned so far. Handling extremely confidence inspiring. That alone means I will be buying a Supersport for sure!

Standard exhaust this time. Made pretty impressive sounds for stock! I am still gravitating towards the Akra cans for the looks though. I understand no real performance difference and minimal sound difference. Maybe I'll wait for aftermarket. Hmmm. Will have to think on this one.

Bike felt great with a pillion. Cornering, slow speed docking, etc. no problem. Brakes more than up to the extra load. Two fingers no worries. Engine coped easily, as you would expect. Started on Touring but switched to Sport for better urge off the bottom. Still easy to be smooth on the throttle in Sport IMO. Although I love the DQS when solo, I found maybe the shift quality would be better for the pillion by shifting with the clutch. Maybe more experience required for me with the DQS?

She thought the standard seat was way too hard after only half an hour. Back at the dealer, they had a "comfort seat" that we could sit on. Seemed higher for me, so better leg room I guess for the long haul. Seemed more plush for her, but no real way of telling for sure as we didn't take the comfort seat for a ride. I will definitely go for the optional passenger grab handles for her.

Told dealer I would call on Monday to start the dickering. He told me to use the "configurator" on the website. Great idea but the Aussie site doesn't seem to have the configurator for the SS. Options are there but no prices yet?
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