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Rage Fender Elim Kit

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I have ordered one of these in the UK

It will be here Wednesday.
However in the delivery time I have decided I am not keen on the looks.

Anyone in the UK want to make me an offer. Willing to sell at a loss. And save you the customs fee etc..PM me to discuss.
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Also willing to swap for other tail tidy for supersport s
Also willing to swap for other tail tidy for supersport s
On eBay now if anybody wants it

I wouldn't fit it on a bike in the UK, I'm fairly certain there is a minimum distance for indicators to be apart. Apart from which I feel it's so close to the centre of the bike as to be possibly dangerous.
I didnt like close the lights were either.
I agree totally - I think the indicators are way too close together and way too small
In terme of "too close indicators", I had worse on my monster, left and right indicators was each half of my tail breaking light.

It's absolutly not legal in France as you must have something like 14cm between your indicators, and it's of course useless in order to indicate anything.

This one seems a little more usefull to me, you should be able to see witch side is on if you're not too far.
It's OK that I should see it, but I wonder about the other few million on the roads. Some guy behind in a large truck with a dirty screen.

It's a dangerous occupation riding on public roads without making life difficult for the muppet behind unsure which way you're turning.

I like the aesthetics of it but as a necessary piece of safety kit it's a non starter never mind being illegal. I wonder what they'd do if some one sadly had to make a claim? Do they state it's not approved for use on public roads?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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