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Hi everyone, just done about 100kms on a new pair of Road 6's replacing Pirelli Diablo Rosso III's with 11K kms.

Context is as follows:
  • Urban riding on traffic-infested roads in pretty poor condition but dry in this case (Sydney, Australia)
  • Pointing and shooting for the gaps in the traffic, lower speed sharper turns and corners
  • Traffic filtering over lines/bumps/cats-eyes etc
  • Rider is intermediate skill level - occational beginner-level track days
  • Didn't really baby the tyres for more than 10kms despite the sticker fitted by the workshop ;-)
  • Assumption that all new tyres feel better than old ones....and recognition that 100kms is not too much experience!!!
That being said, impressions so far:
  • Really excited about the change to the Road 6's
  • More comfortable, more flexible, more compliant
  • More stable and forgiving over poor, uneven or broken surfaces
  • Much lower propensity to track imperfections in the road ('tramlining')
  • Way more confident grippier slow speed high lean angle turning (car parks, U-turns, dust/gravel)
  • Very neutral turn-in - neither tips you in, nor requires you to shove it
  • No experience of high-speed sweeping turns or track performance (presumably this is the trade-off?) or wet weather performance (presumably very good?)
I was torn between these and the Rosso IV's, but I am now feeling pretty comfotrable that the Road 6's are better given the realities of my use case.
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